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4 Ways to Be Wedding Hair Ready

You want to make sure your hair is well prepared, whether you are a bride-to-be, bridesmaid or attending an awesome event as a guest. I outline below 4 ways you can get wedding hair ready!

1. Hair Care - action 1 year to 6 months beforehand

One of the most common problems I hear about when people enquire to get their hair styled is about hair health. It is something that takes time to understand and resolve, so as soon as you know when the date for your event is, start the process to understand what your hair needs to be in prime condition - from getting doctors appointments or just seeing your hairdresser. I have a blog outlining 5 tips for healthy hair here.

If you don't have time, reach out to your stylist, like me, and discuss your concerns, I have many times helped clients with thinning hair, for example, look like they have the thickest hair in the room! It is all possible :)

2. Trials - action 3 months beforehand

Trials are SO important to prepare for your big day/event. 3 months before the event is a good time, you will have your dress and accessories organised and ready to bring with you.

It helps give you peace of mind before the day that you will look how you envision, it gives you a chance to play around with what you like and helps to build trust and a relationship with your stylist. All in preparation to feel at ease on the day.

For a more detailed look into how to prepare for your trial, read my blog here.

3. Hair cuts and colouring - action 3 months - 6 weeks before the event

It takes your hair a little while to settle after you get a cut and try not to cut shorter than how you've trialled it, if you fall in love with the look you trial with, changing your hairstyle a few weeks before can change the outcome of it. Always keep in communication with your stylist and see how things can be adapted and changed to suit you.

4. Diet - action always

In my healthy hair blog I touch upon this point, what you put in your body will have an impact on the health of your hair. Make sure you have a good intake of water, eating greens and taking the right vitamins to build that gorgeous head of hair!

There are many alternatives to helping you feel hair confident on your day, from extensions to hair toppers, speak to your stylist about how they can help you and recommendations on various products.

Any questions, get in contact and let's talk hair!

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