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It's time to say hello

Hi, I’m Yugala,

You’ve gone through my website, had a look around and now you can get to know me. Why is that important? Because I believe we should know a little something about the person we may engage with, pay or work with. I always value knowing that if I’m going to be giving my money to someone, it should be someone who I believe in and know is trustworthy to do the job properly!

So HELLO! I’m Yugala, Yugala is a Sanskrit word which means “a meaningful connection between two people”, which I think is the perfect description for being a #hairstylist! I build meaningful connections with the people I meet and have the honour of styling.

Hair isn’t just #hair to me, the interaction with the amazing people I get to meet and teach (through my YouTube videos), when a person tells me they feel beautiful after I finish, walking away knowing that I have played a role in their special day whether it’s a #wedding, birthday, baby shower or any other event - that’s what I love. I’ve always wanted to do something that gave someone something meaningful, I wanted to help people feel good about themselves and styling does exactly that!

I started off in hairstyling in the most unexpected way, a friend of mine from New York, Rukmini (check out her page here, it’s pretty awesome) introduced me to the 100 day project - a project that helps you to explore your creativity and helps you to commit to a process.

Example of my 100 day project

At the time I was working for TRESemmé at their global head office in London and working in a hair brand sparked my interest in how hair worked and was styled. Mental health had also increasingly become important to me, so I combined the two and came up with a project called M.E.S.H (Mental, Emotional, Self - Hair) - I styled hair and linked emotions to the styles, raising awareness around mental health for 100 days.

Friends paid attention and started asking if I was taking #bookings, I had never thought about it before and decided to say yes and that’s where it all began. Started taking bookings, started learning online from amazing stylists such as Heather Chapman and Kasia Fortuna as well as attending masterclasses by Tonya and Arpita.

That’s a small introduction to me for now, I will be posting more here - hair #tips, how to prep your hair before you go to a stylist and also life.

I'm here ready for you to get in contact with to discuss hair for you and your day, so reach out and we can start planning!

If you want to get to know me more and learn more about hair you can follow me on Instagram at and you can also subscribe to my YouTube channel where I post weekly videos: click here.

Love Yugala.

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