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Weddings in Covid-19 Times

Covid-19 has swept 2020 and changed our lives in ways we never saw coming. In hand with that, the way weddings happen has also been altered. I am going to be breaking down what you should expect from me and other artists in the hair and make-up world as a Covid-19 client.

Safety - safety always comes first

- Bookings will not go ahead if either party is unwell or has been around family members/friends that are unwell

- PPE - mask and visor/goggles will be worn by a stylist at all times

- All tools from products to hair tools will be sanitised before and in between clients

- You will need to ensure that there is only yourself and the stylist in the room when you are getting ready to help protect the stylist

- During trials/bookings no offering of food or snacks


- All tools and products will be sanitised with antibacterial wipes/sprays beforehand, ensuring everything is clean and no spread of germs between people


- Contracts will be updated with COVID clauses to help protect yourself and ourselves - refund policies can vary stylist to stylist, please get in touch to discuss this further.

The intention of all the above is to ensure you have a positive experience despite the circumstances of the world. Your day can still be super special and it is all about you.

Get in touch and let's discuss your special day!

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